Sunday, July 15, 2007


Dies ist mein Beitrag für meine Herausforderung bei scrappermania vom 14.7. Der Georg hat nämlich heute früh eine neue Frisur bekommen. Passend zum Wetter! Und da haben ich doch gleich mal die Fotos verarbeitet. I know there are quite a few English speaking friends reading my blog. I will try to be good and write it bi-lingual from now on.
The above layout is part of a challenge I initiated at a German message board. Every even day of the month I post an inspiration and people will have 2 days to show their creative skills. Since I am the host of it, I have to set a good example and never miss an inspiration myself. The cute boy in the photos is Georg. He got a new haircut today, fit for the heat we had to endure today...


ScrapHappy said...

I think Georg really looks like you in these photos! :)

Hi! I'm Michelle said...

Georg looks JUST like you! :)